Our objectives are:

  1. Security Analysis: We aim at working on novel analysis techniques to find tools that allow automated security analyses of devices for sensor networks.
  2. Software Security: Our goal is to find protection mechanisms against software attacks on devices with large software stacks that can be executed remotely.
  3. Secure and Efficient Execution of Cryptography: We aim at researching efficient techniques to enable secure communication with cryptography in particular on sensor nodes with limited resources that operate in adverse environments.

The connection of sensors and actuators via wireless communication links offers tremendous opportunities to increase productivity in many fields of applications (production, automobiles, etc.). However, the IoT also leads to unprecedented opportunities for attackers to reveal confidential information and to manipulate data even in such a way that physical processes are changed.

The goal of DeSSnet with respect to security is to address this challenge and to find secure and efficient technologies in order to secure heterogeneous sensor networks. In particular, we aim to work on three key enabling technologies that we consider the most critical ones for enabling security in heterogeneous sensor networks: (1) security analysis technologies, (2) software security technologies and (3) technologies for secure and efficient execution of cryptography.